Ensuring Adequate Staffing During Summer Holidays in Senior Homes

Summer time is one of the most popular times of the year for vacations. Whether people are going out of the country, to a cottage or even just taking an extra long weekend at home, for most professions, summer is the time they find they have the least amount of staff. For some companies, its okay if a lot of people have staggered vacations and for some it is necessary to hire seasonal staff, but senior homes do have staffing requirements because the elderly they are charged with need help and support. It is important for senior homes to be adequately staffed for the entire summer because if they are not, the present workers will be overworked and will not have the opportunity to make sure that every senior is getting the full amount of support required.

Cover Vacation Time Early

Since it is common knowledge that many fulltime staff members take vacation time during the summer holidays, it is important for companies to anticipate for staff shortages. If notice is required for staff vacations, senior homes will have the time to look into alternative staffing to ensure that all residents have the full care that they require. Workers should schedule time off early to give administration the time to make sure all hours can be covered.

Hire Contract Workers

It is anticipated in most professions that during the summer holidays, regular fulltime staff is depleted. For senior homes, it is extremely important that a full staff is present because each staff member is required to do a certain amount of tasks per day which ensures that safety and care of a home’s residence. Hiring seasonal employees, instead of daily contract workers can help a senior home to function at its regular level by not disrupting the peace. Since care workers are so highly involved in the lives of the seniors living in their care, it is important that they have a connection with one another. These connections make for a better environment and allow workers and their patients to feel comfortable and happy.

Use BookJane Services

BookJane is a great source for care centres to book qualified support workers in advance or on short notice. If it looks like your senior home won’t have enough staff for any given period of time, by finding a local BookJane worker, your company can avoid a lot of stress and feel confident knowing that they are hiring a competent and skillful worker. BookJane employees have already been vetted and companies can feel safe and assured that they are hiring the best of the best. When covering staff shortages, BookJane is an especially great resource because of all the work of ensuring competency and talent. The BookJane app is user-friendly and very simple to use. With the click of a few buttons, senior homes will have access to great care workers that they care hire on demand. BookJane employees come with a full background check and are professional and reliable. Seniors homes in need can rest assured that their residents are in good hands.