The Importance of Senior Socialization

Senior isolation is a common problem for many because unfortunately, many seniors live alone. For many isolated seniors, socialization can be extremely daunting, but social relationships can have a positive impact of health during aging. Having a good attitude and lifestyle can make a world of difference throughout the aging process and being social will generally only make seniors feel happier and healthier.

Seniors Living at Home

For seniors living at home, socialization can be a daunting task. Those receiving care at home are in contact with others, but with time constraints on caregivers, these seniors may not be getting to spend as much time with their caregivers as they wish to. This means that these seniors will have to find other means of socialization. Socialization doesn’t have to be a planned activity with a large group of people. It can be as simple as meeting a friend for lunch or spending some quality time with your family members.

Another option for seniors living on their own is to join a club or class where they can not only interact with others, but possibly meet new friends to spend time with. There are many clubs and fitness classes targeted at seniors and these can be a great option to learn a new skill, get fit and meet new people. All these things have great health benefits for seniors who otherwise may have stayed at home on their own.

Volunteering your time to causes can also be a great way to not only socialize with others, but can also be a very healing experience. Looking into local causes and events that need volunteers can be a great way for seniors to interact with others, but also can be a rewarding experience to know that you have helped others.

Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities

Senior homes have a lot of programming availability for their residents, so it is generally easier to get out and meet other people in your community. Socializing can still sometimes be a challenge, but with your caregivers available to you and other seniors also living in the same vicinity as you, joining in activities will be a great way to ensure that you are engaging with others. Physical activities, like fitness classes are especially important because they can have other health benefits as well. Craft and hobby classes as well as excursions can also be great ways to meet other people, learn new skills and gain new experiences. All of this will be beneficial to your health.

Seniors who are out and socializing are happier and healthier because of their lifestyle. The importance of socialization is important to those of all ages, but because a lot of seniors live alone, it is very easy to become isolated. It is important for seniors, and their family members, to ensure that they are making the effort to spend time with others doing activities or even just spending time in the company of others. This time spent with others will ensure everyone’s happiness and health.

Talking to Your Parents About End-of-Life Issues

It is never easy to talk about death, or the challenges that come with end-of-life issues for family members. Although it can be hard to have these discussions, it is important to have them before the inevitable occurs. Death and end-of-life issues can be an easy topic for some families, but for most it can become an ominous and avoided conversation. Having these conversations, will, in the long term, actually benefit families who will either then know or be able to fulfil the wishes of aging parents and can help to prevent fights between siblings and other family members later.


All siblings, along with their parents, should be a part of end of life issue discussions. In order to keep all children in the loop and also to ensure that the wishes of parents are honoured, the entire family should be aware of any end of life discussions or decisions made. One way to do this is to approach your siblings and have an open conversation about any information you have discussed with your parents. This way, you may find out some information that will give you peace of mind. If together, you realize that no one has any information, this discussion can be a good way to come up with a plan on how best to approach the topic with your parents.

A Will

Although some people make sure they have a will from a young age, it is important to ensure that your parents have spoken to a lawyer and created a legally binding will. Wills help to guarantee that a deceased person’s wishes are being honoured. There are non-threatening and non-invasive ways to bring this issue up. For instance, instead of asking your parents if they have a will outright, you can soften the question. Suggesting that you want to ensure that you are honouring their wishes if something were to happen to them is an effective way to suggest that writing up a will is a good idea. Verbal testaments don’t hold up in court and in order for your parents to have their wishes completely honoured is to have a written and verified will.

Power of Attorney

In many cases, appointing a power of attorney can save families a lot of strife. The power of attorney is a legal document that gives the authority to one person to act for another person in legal, business or financial matters. In some cases, it can come down to the power of attorney to make tough decisions about course of action regarding furthering or cutting off certain health treatments, but it can also be the person in charge of any other financial or legal matters. Again, instead of asking outright if your parent has a power of attorney, why not suggest that in an emergency you want someone designated to make tough decisions for you and it might be good for them to do the same. Without a power of attorney, any important life decisions will be made by a judge and may not best represent the wishes of the person unable to make the decision. It is important; however, to have discussions with your appointed power of attorney to ensure they know what you would want decided upon in any given emergency situation.

Ensuring Adequate Staffing During Summer Holidays in Senior Homes

Summer time is one of the most popular times of the year for vacations. Whether people are going out of the country, to a cottage or even just taking an extra long weekend at home, for most professions, summer is the time they find they have the least amount of staff. For some companies, its okay if a lot of people have staggered vacations and for some it is necessary to hire seasonal staff, but senior homes do have staffing requirements because the elderly they are charged with need help and support. It is important for senior homes to be adequately staffed for the entire summer because if they are not, the present workers will be overworked and will not have the opportunity to make sure that every senior is getting the full amount of support required.

Cover Vacation Time Early

Since it is common knowledge that many fulltime staff members take vacation time during the summer holidays, it is important for companies to anticipate for staff shortages. If notice is required for staff vacations, senior homes will have the time to look into alternative staffing to ensure that all residents have the full care that they require. Workers should schedule time off early to give administration the time to make sure all hours can be covered.

Hire Contract Workers

It is anticipated in most professions that during the summer holidays, regular fulltime staff is depleted. For senior homes, it is extremely important that a full staff is present because each staff member is required to do a certain amount of tasks per day which ensures that safety and care of a home’s residence. Hiring seasonal employees, instead of daily contract workers can help a senior home to function at its regular level by not disrupting the peace. Since care workers are so highly involved in the lives of the seniors living in their care, it is important that they have a connection with one another. These connections make for a better environment and allow workers and their patients to feel comfortable and happy.

Use BookJane Services

BookJane is a great source for care centres to book qualified support workers in advance or on short notice. If it looks like your senior home won’t have enough staff for any given period of time, by finding a local BookJane worker, your company can avoid a lot of stress and feel confident knowing that they are hiring a competent and skillful worker. BookJane employees have already been vetted and companies can feel safe and assured that they are hiring the best of the best. When covering staff shortages, BookJane is an especially great resource because of all the work of ensuring competency and talent. The BookJane app is user-friendly and very simple to use. With the click of a few buttons, senior homes will have access to great care workers that they care hire on demand. BookJane employees come with a full background check and are professional and reliable. Seniors homes in need can rest assured that their residents are in good hands.