What are Adult Care Centers?

Adult Day Care med

Adult Care Centers have been increasing in popularity as the baby boomer generation hits the retirement age. These facilities provide a place where, during the day, seniors can be cared for and have the opportunity to spend time with other seniors. These centers are great at keeping seniors motivated and energized. They provide opportunities for seniors to engage in social activities while being cared for in a comfortable environment.

Adult Care Centers, also known as Adult Day Programs and Adult Day Services help to empower seniors by promoting a social and more active environment for the elderly. These centers often provide a needed respite for families with seniors, that are no longer fully independent, by taking care of their needs and providing a helping hand with the tasks that seniors may require.

Different Adult Care Centers offer varying levels of activities and services. Before registering a senior for an Adult Care Program you should guarantee that they provide the services you are looking for.

Services may include:

  • Hot meals
  • Snacks
  • Therapeutic and social programing
  • Recreational activities
  • Hairdressing and Barbering
  • Physician directed health assessments
  • Exercise programs
  • Transportation

The Adult Day Programs are generally rated highly, and well received by families and seniors alike. The pricing for these services can vary significantly by center, and in parts of Canada the government even subsides these programs reducing the cost for individual families. If you are interested, calling or researching your local center online can give you the specific information needed to make decisions. 

Adult Care Centers are yet another way the sandwich generation is evolving to meet the demands of the older generations. We continually need to find new ways to provide quality care to our families when they need it. BookJane staff are dependable, qualified caregivers, and can be found working in Adult Day Services. We have seen it make a difference for some of our customers, and fully endorse this service for the families  and centers. However, there are still many circumstances where care is needed outside of these services. These include times where one is not up to going to the center, the center is closed, or they have appointments outside of the center.  In some cases the transportation, or unfamiliar environments can be uncomfortable or unsettling for vulnerable individuals. Additionally, the centers in your area may not be able to provide the necessary services. In these circumstances, know that you can rely on BookJane for trusted on-demand care.

Creating Quality Moments

So you finally have some time with the family and you want to make it count. How do you make sure you end up with quality moments? Well, we don’t have all of the answers, but we talked to some families and this is what we got. If you think there is something important that we missed please comment and let us know!

 Put your phone away

To get the most out of time with your family you should be actively in the moment. Using your phone can distract you from the present and at times can communicate a lack of interest towards the people around you.

Have traditions

Having something to look forward towards can be a source of comfort and bonding for families. It does not matter if your tradition is to watch Survivor, or go out for dinner. The important part is that you have a consistent activity and time. Having trouble getting everyone to agree on the same thing? Try creating a tradition involving a consistent time, but a rotating activity. If everyone gets to do something they really want to do on their turn, they may be willing to go to other activities. You never know what you might like. Check out our blog on the best family traditions for some more ideas on what you could do together.

Work together to solve problems

There are always challenges to overcome, but enlisting your family to help can work towards bringing you together. This will not work for all challenges, but in many cases it can help you overcome obstacles faster and create a greater level of understanding for the challenges each of you are facing.

Talk together

Talking about your problems, your thoughts, and your opinions can help you understand who you are and how your family may be different than others. Talking is the best way to make sure your family is on the same page and avoid miscommunication.

Eat together

In order to talk to each other you need a time and a place to do so. Meals can be a time to relax, plan events, and catch up on developments in your lives.

Sleep Enough

A lack of sleep can put you in a bad mood and stop you from enjoying precious moments with your family. Try and make sure that everyone is well rested, and if you are not, make it clear to your family. If there is a reason why you are so tired consider sharing it with your family, maybe they can help.

Smile More

Smiling makes you happy. Smile more, be happier, and make those around you smile more. Sometimes you don’t want to smile, but you are always able to.

Be Grateful for the little things

It is not always easy to follow these tips and have quality moments. But trying is better than not. Do the best you can, and it will be worthwhile. There will be times when it works and times when it does not. Often it will be hard to tell which is which until much after the fact. Be grateful for the moments you have and enjoy them.