How to Juggle Family and Work


Can You Juggle?

If you have a family and a job the answer is yes. Whether or not you can throw and catch three balls, when you need to balance between time at work and time at home something is always up in the air, and it is up to you to stop it from crashing on the ground.


How To Juggle?

It is not easy. Every person tries to manage this balance differently, some people are more successful at it than others. Here are a some tips from some of the most successful families we know:

1. Quality Means More Than Quantity

Time spent in the same place as your family is not the same as spending time them. What truly matters are the special moments that you share together. These are the moments you can look back on and remember with a smile. These moments dont happen every day, but there are some things you can do to facilitate these moments. These moments can be incredible, and it is really important that we make time and create the circumstances for them to happen.  Check out our blog on “Creating quality moments” for more details.

2. Be There For The Important Moments

Not all moments will seem important, but they may be meaningful in the lives of your loved ones. It can be hard to get away from your responsibilities for all the events you want to go to. The act of choosing what is important should not be easy, but if you can go, you should. You never know what is going to happen, and if there is a special moment you could be missing. Often important moments are not only special for you, but also those close to you.

3. Set Goals

A good way to make sure that you are balancing work and family is to set goals. Often people make goals for work; quotas or deadlines that help them stay on track. However, it is not a common practice for people’s personal lives. Goals could include to attend certain events, spend a set number of hours with the family, or have a weekly tradition for the year. No matter what your goals are they give you something to measure your success against. When you measure something, you can see how it can be improved. This can help you set the path for the type of life you would like to have.

4. Enjoy

The most important part of this balancing act is to enjoy yourself. It can be stressful when you are crunched for time, and constantly on the move, but the objective should be to enjoy all aspects of life. Time to relax and recharge should be easy to enjoy. If you are thinking about work constantly you are going to drop a ball. Taking a mental break from work is healthy, and will let you work better.



How BookJane Can Help You Juggle

There is just simply not enough time. Every day we all have to make choices about where we spend our time. We can’t be everywhere at the same time; sometimes it is necessary to stay late at work, while other times you need to leave work for something important. BookJane allows you the flexibility to decide what today will be.  It is not our place to tell you how to balance your life, but it is our place to help by adding an extra pair of hands that you can trust.



Comment and let us know how you balance work home. We hope that you find this helpful, and maybe soon you will be a pro juggler!